Brown Jointed bear

by Aiji

Brown Jointed bear

Brown Jointed bear

This bear is jointed on both legs, both arms, and the head swivels. The fur is light brown/gold in color, made of a plastic or nylon based material. The eyes are a solid black plastic bead with a shiny finish. and the nose is made of a thicker thread or a thin yarn? the hands have a felt-type fur on the palm. The tail is about the size of a quarter and has no stuffing, so it lays flat. Its ears take up a majority of the head and are very round (but don't stick out too far) and, like the tail, are not stuffed. the mouth is sewn in the same material as the nose and anchors at the corner of the frown. It is doubled so it starts at the nose, goes to the corner of the mouth where it anchors and then goes back up to the nose.

The Muzzle is made of a completely different texture of fur than the rest of the bear, but it is the exact same colour. The stitching for the entire bear is white. The seam of the main part of the bear goes in a complete oval from front to back.
This bear also has wide hips and crooked feet. The limbs are floppy and stuffed with some kind of soft material. The chest is also easily squishy while the feet, hands and lower stomach and bottom are filled with beans (like those found in a beanie-baby)
There was a tag straight below the tail that has been removed. the tag was doubled, though whether it had two separate tags or a tag that was doubled over in a loop is unclear. It was white in colour.
There is a cursive capital "G" on the left foot (photo included) it seems to be made of a harder felt or other applique rather than stitched on so whether it's supposed to be there or not I'm not sure.

The bear is ~ 40cm (25in)
The head from neck to crown is ~ 9cm (3.5in)
From back of the head to the tip of the snout is ~ 12cm (4.5in)
Snout is ~ 5.5cm (2in)
the nose is ~ 4.5cm (1.5in)
the body length is ~ 18cm (7in)
The arms are ~ 18cm (7in)
The legs are ~ 17cm (6.5in)
The feet are ~ 9cm (3.5in)
The palm of the hand is ~ 6cm (2.5in)
the seam of the tail along the back of the bear is ~ 3cm (1in)
the tag base is ~ 2cm (1in)

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