Brown teddy Bear Help Identifying Please

by Delia Morrison
(Bradford, Rhode Island)

Brown Teddy Bear

Brown Teddy Bear

I recently stumbled upon this amazing old teddy bear at an antique shop in New Hampshire while on a weekend away with my husband. A long time ago, my mother had given me her father's teddy bear from when he was a little boy and I have been searching for similar ones ever since. This is the first one I have found that looks even remotely close to my grandfather's. My mother just turned eighty years old so I would anticipate my grandfathers teddy bear to be atleast one hundred years old by now. The teddy bear I recently found was in Gorham, New Hampshire but the store owner did not have any history on where it came from. The fur is a wiry brown that almost feels like horsehair. He is about 14 inches tall. He does not have a tail. There is light tan corduroy on the pads of the top and bottom paws and on the snout that all appear to be the same materials. My grandfather's bear has mismatched material on the pads that appears to be repairs from wear. This bear has had his back resewn a few times as there is multiple colors of thread stitching. He has matching glass button eyes. There are no tags or other markings to indicate a company that may have made this bear. Any help that anyone can provide in identifying where this bear may have been made and when and the current value are greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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