Can anyone help Age and ID my Bear Please.

by Ruby Cartledge

The Bear on the left of the image

The Bear on the left of the image


I have an age old Bear..threadbare old thing.
Jut/Sackcloth. Missing most of it's hair and with boot button eyes.
It isn't jointed and has no nose or mouth left, no growler either.

This Bear is obviously VERY old. I think Pre-World War 1 to be honest.

Full of character and already I am attached to it/him and can't help dismissing the dismisses to be honest, as he has been described as (in not so many words) as a threadbare load of rubbish.
But never the less.

Can, would or could anyone help me age this wee bear and if possible locate the area and or the country he might have been made in.

If anyone has any idea, I would so very grateful.

Thank you very much.

Yours Sincerely
Ruby Cartledge.

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