Can anyone help me identify this bear I can't find him anywhere

by Jennifer



I was hoping someone could help me identify my sons teddy bear,he was bought 8years ago from a second hand store for my son he has no tags I can't find him anywhere the only simular teddy bears i can find are from the 1940's i promised my son i would try to find him we call him teddy he is his best friend he has mohair fur,brown glass eyes,velvet pads on feet and mouth only there are no pads on his hands he can sit on his own

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May 02, 2023
I think I had the same bear NEW
by: Anonymous

Hey, I was scrolling through this website hoping to find a teddy bear that I lost when I was a kid (about 7-8 years ago). Hoping that I could find the same model and buy it again.

I saw the picture of your teddy bear and it looks almost exactly as what I had (comparing your pictures with mine).

Mine was a different color, beige/golden. And I think 100cm? However, my parents don't know what brand it is or where you can get it from, since it was given by an old friend of theirs when I was born (2004). I would love to show some pictures to you and you could confirm if thats roughly the same model or not, but this is my first time on this site and no idea how to upload images.

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