Can Anyone Help Me Identify This Teddy Bear

by Kai

Hi everyone, I am looking for some help in identifying this bear, his name is Toby btw :). I've done research off and on through months, but no such luck. He doesn't have a tag anymore, I dunno when he was made or where he was made. I'm 20 years old and have had him since I was a really small kid. He could be older than me. As you can see, he's a deep green color with a white color for the soles of his feet, his snout and the inner of his ears. He has a yellowish tie around his neck. He has stuffing and a bean bag inside his body. His nose and eyes kinda look like marble.. maybe fake marble? But, they don't feel like plastic or anything. I wanted to get a second one for my little sister because she loves my teddy bear, but he's very special to me, so I don't want her to accidently ruin him since he's very old and already falling apart. It is a constant battle to keep him from falling apart. He has been well loved throughout the years. I've looked everywhere that I can think of.. I mostly find beaine babies, care bears or something other that doesn't quite match his style. The material he feels like isn't soft, it kinda feels like a carpet and it is quite thick. It's hard to sew him because I usually have a hard time forcing needles through the fabric. Like I mentioned before, he has a bean bag thing inside his body along with some stuffing in his arms, legs and head. It would be an awesome blessing if someone could identify him!

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