Can You Help Identify My Bear?

by Andrew

1980's teddy bear

1980's teddy bear


My bear would have been purchased in the Greater Toronto Area of Canada circa late 1986 or early 1987. I remember hearing my cousin say she recalled purchasing him from a mall retailer called "Toy City", but she's not 100% sure. Nobody recalls any tags being on him, nor are there any signs of a tag ever being removed.

He has ovoid white eyes and an oval brown nose, both of which are made of hard plastic. He also has a stubby white, rabbit-like cotton-tail on his rump.

I remember him having a thin piece of pink string sewn across his mouth for a smile, but as a baby I have a distinct memory of pulling off that string and having it come apart very easily. The small black yarn pieces that marked the edges of his smile are still visible.

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