Can you help with my fathers teddy I.D

by Teresa

Brown Teddy Bear

Brown Teddy Bear

Hello to you all I was wondering if somebody could help me with my fathers teddy , My dad is 75 years old and he has had this teddy since he was a little boy, It was given to him by a friend of the family in Madrid , I believe it wasn´t new when he received it because in those days my fathers parents were not very wealthy , the only toys they had where the ones they made with what they could find in the streets, My father's has the idea that he is a very old and important teddy , but I do not know how to find some information , I have looked on the web but for me they are all very similar .

Teddy is 16 inches long , his arms are 7 inches and his legs about 6 and a half , when you pick him up and move him you can hear a sound like a clonk inside , his head moves rotating on something that feels like a two piece round metal , the same happens with is legs and arms , his eyes are brown and the feel and sound like glass , ( they seem to be the original ones there is no marks on them ) , one off is legs as a little hole and you can see that inside he has a type of straw , his hair is not in a very good condition it seems that when you touch him some off the hair turns to dust ( I would also wish if someone could tell me what I have to do to stop this happening ) he has lost ios hair in some parts of the body, his ears seem to be very small comparing to many of the photos I have seen of the web , my grandma stitched the bottom part of his right foot and also on his mouth , he has 5 fingers and 5 toes

My father says that when they gave it to him it use to make a noise like a growl , but he can´t remember if it was touch in him or tilting him , his colour is like a yellow , blond .

On the back off his head he has like a type of stitch with a thicker sting.

I hope somebody can help me
Than you in advance

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