Can you identify this Teddy please

by Brian
(Chorley, Lancashire UK.)

Who is this bear?

Who is this bear?

Hello, I'm trying to find out for some friends of mine what this teddy bear is. It was cherished by the owner, and bought as a present for her in the early 1990s probably 1991 or 1992, and has light brown fur, and beige coloured nose and insides of ears. Sorry the photo isn't very good or clear, but it's the only one that we have of this teddy. At a guess the height of the bear is very roughly about 30cm tall, but that's a guess. The bear was lost a good number of years ago, and although it's a long shot, we are trying to identify it so that a replica could possibly be sought to replace it, as a surprise for the original owner. We think that it is probably a bear which was mass produced, possibly imported, and not particularly expensive at the time as opposed to being a unique or rare bear. Therefore we are hoping that it might even be still available to purchase, or it may be possible to source from a second hand seller.

If you are able to identify the bear, or even better still, if you should have an identical bear to sell at an affordable price, I would love to hear from you. We’re not looking for a similar bear, we’d like to find a bear which looks identical to the one in the photo. It is likely that the bear was originally purchased somewhere in Hartlepool, UK, but it is almost certain that they would have been available to purchase all over the country, and possibly all over the world. The replacement would be a surprise 30th birthday gift for later this year, from the husband of the original owner to his wife, and if we were lucky and fortunate enough to find a replacement, he would present this to her at the surprise birthday party which is planned for her in August. (So consequently she has no knowledge or idea of the fact that we are trying to both identify and source this lost item from her childhood). We know that she would be absolutely delighted if we were able to achieve this, and so I’d be really grateful if anyone reading this is about to help out in any way possible. If you are able to identify the manufacturer or model number/name for the bear, that would be fantastic, but if you were able to tell us of a possible source of this bear then that would be totally amazing. Many thanks for any help.

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