Care Bears Toys Shopping Page

Care bears toys go back thirty years and are very collectable. They are still very affordable and the best place to find them is of course on EBay. 

This page is a easy link to these bears for sale. If there are more bears in each category it will say so and if you click on that link you will see all the bears available in that category.

Bedtime Bear

Birthday Bear

Cheer Bear

Friend Bear

Funshine Bear

Good Luck Bear

Grumpy Bear

Love a lot Bear

Tenderheart Bear

Wish Bear

Baby Hugs Bear

Champ Bear

Daydream Bear

Forest Friend Bear

Grams Bear

Harmony Bears

I love you Bear

Sea Friend Bear

Secret Bear

Share Bear

Surprise Bear

Take Care Bear

True Heart Bear

America Care Bears

Bashful Heart Bear

Best Friend Bear

Do Your Best Bear

Smart Heart Bear

Thanks a Lot Bear

Hopeful Heart Bear

All My Heart Bear  

Amigo Bear  

Heartsong Bear 

Play a Lot Bear  

Shine Bright Bear 

Superstar Bear 

Work of Heart Bear  

Sweet Dreams Bear 

Always There Bear  

Oopsy Bear 

Pink Power Bear  

Sweet Sakura Bear 

Wonderheart Bear

Great Giving Bear 

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