Champ The Red Teddy Bear

by Loralee
(Victoria BC Canada)

family red teddy bear

family red teddy bear

I was given the little red “Champ” bear when I was born in 1966. Because my father was in the army, we were often posted to new bases, some of them in Europe. My little Champ was my constant and true companion and I loved him with all my heart. Unfortunately, in the late 1970s, my grandmother came to visit, and unbeknownst to me, thought my tattered and much loved friend was trash. I don’t blame her because she was a kind and loving woman, she just didn’t understand what he meant to me. I cried myself to sleep for weeks, and the ache in my heart is still there, although faded like the memories of a child.

He’s wearing little boxing gloves and has Champ written across his chest. Has anyone ever seen one like him?
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