Character Bear

by LeeAnn Stremkowski
(Rosholt, Wi, USA )



I have a Teddy bear that was stored away in the attic of my grandmother’s house and then in her dresser drawer. I think it may have been purchased as a gift when her son was born- who later died at an early age from rheumatic fever. The best I can date the bear is 1930s. There is a tag on the left ear that says “Designed by Character, So. Norwalk, Conn.” The tag is white and the lettering is blue. The bear is baby blue and white with a baby blue bow around the neck. The eyes appear to be beads of some sort and the mouth is stitched. The nose is also stitched. The bottom of the feet and ends of the arms are white. The belly is white and so is the inside of the ears. It seems somewhat squished as it has been in the same box for some eighty plus years. The bear is probably 6 inches tall and other than being squished it is in excellent shape. I just want to know if it is of any value or something I can just give to my own granddaughters to play with. My grandmother was born and raised in East Boston, but I now live in Wisconsin. I don’t know if that matters.

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