Childhood Bear

by Cole

white teddy bear

white teddy bear

My girlfriend had this bear when she was younger and it was thrown away by her parents because it got dirty. I have been looking all over the internet for it and I'm starting to go crazy about it. I'm not sure about the specific details, such as material, but I do have a description based off the picture provided. Its a big bear, about 4 feet tall, as doesn't stand on its own. Its white-ish blonde, and was described by my girlfriend as more white than anything. It has a big brown nose, and white snout area. The eyes are black from what I can tell. She said the pink bow wasn't present on her bear, but this is literally the only picture we could find that looked like her bear. She isn't sure where it came from or anything like that since she was young. Her parents don't remember either. I'm just hoping the manufacturer is still around considering I can't seem to find this bear anywhere on Ebay or the internet.

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