Childhood teddy bear, red ribbon tag and beans insides

Childhood tedyy bear

Childhood tedyy bear

I’ve had this bear since I was very young I got it around 2005-2007. I’ve wanted to find out where it is from since I was little and vaguely remember finding the companies website but it seemed to be a vastly different company and had no sign of my bear. the hands feet and belly are stuffed with beans, it has light brown fur which used to be fluffy. It has a now worn red ribbon with white stripes, not held down by anything and a tag coming from the underside of its head reading “soft (next line) teddy and(maybe of) friends (next line) safe”written in cursive and can be faintly seen on the other side of the tag. The tag has yellow thick rope like string. It’s mouth is a threaded smile with wide, bout one centimetre wide stitches made with brown thread. It’s snout is round and flat and is made from a different material to the body, a short felt like fabric with the nose being made out if the same material and the same colour as the thread used for the mouth. The seam line seems to run under its arms. It has a tag made of slightly stiff fabric edged by dark blue thread with the text also being made from the same thread. The tag is on its back bottom facing straight down and positioned slightly to the left. It reads on the front “THE PLUSH.CO, LTD (next line) Wether by LS23 7BJ” and the other side reads “ALL NEW MATERIALS (next line) SURFACE WASHABLE”. The legs are to the front of the bear making its but stick out a bit. The bear is about 20cm long. This may be a futile search since the company is probably out of business but I want to see what it looked like before the time got to it. The person who gave it to me may have got it on a trip to England possibly.

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