Childhood Teddy

by Kenneth

Childhood Teddy

Childhood Teddy

I got this bear in the early 2000s from the nursery at my church when I lived in NJ. He is tan in color with a lighter tan muzzle of a similar material to the rest of his fur. He has no pads on his upper limbs and the bottom limb pads are the same material as the muzzle. All the fur is synthetic. His eyes appear to be plastic with grey-ish brown irises. Nose is dark brown plastic, and his mouth is brown thread. He also has the remnants of a cut off tag on his left hip. He is now 11 1/2 to 12 inches long but he has been squished around quite a bit. I can't really say much about the stuffing except that it is still pretty solid and is probably synthetic.

The first three pictures are how he is now and the last one is from some time in 2001. As you can see he was much darker in color and somewhat well rounded compared to how flat he is now. I primarily want to determine what brand he is but the exact bear would be nice too.

Thanks in advance,

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