Chosun International Travel Bear With Suitcase?

by Jo Goodall
(England, UK)

bears with suit case

bears with suit case

I have two of these beautiful bears. They are both in brand new condition complete with a suitcase and the original cardboard wrap!

I have one male and one female bear, which both come with multiple outfits and a certificate of authentication. They have only been taken out of the box to admire them and then they were put straight back never to be taken out again. The clothes have never been changed.

The suitcases have been opened again to take photos of the bears to try and identify them. The only identification I have been able to find is that they come under the name of 'Chosun' and are classed as a 'travel bear with suitcase/trunk'.

I have not found any of these in the UK, the ones that came up were all from America. I received both of the bears as gifts when I was a teen and have no idea where they were purchased from. All I have is the information as I have mentioned above, and the pictures I have added.

I am hoping someone can shed some light on where the bears come from, what their actual name is (if not what I have already mentioned) and whether they are of any value at all.

Kind regards!

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Aug 04, 2022
I have a boy and girl one.
by: Brydie

I’ve had mine since a teen or younger. I’m from the UK and I remember seeing them on the tv selling channel when my mum was watching and then I ended up with them for Christmas.

Apr 27, 2021
by: Anonymous

I have 2 of these bears brand new in the original boxes how much are they worth ?.


Nov 09, 2019
I been looking for the girl
by: Ashley Guadalupe

How much u want for the girl bear ? I have the male one just need the girl

Jul 05, 2016
I found one too
by: Robert Thrasher

I have one I purchased from a local flea market several years ago. Mine is male...he came with three sets of clothes and a night shirt and night cap. The stickers on his truck say Tokyo, Cairo, Morocco, and Rome. There is also a larger sticker that says first class. I have no idea where this bear came from, but was intrigued enough to purchase it. I too am VERY curious as to whom could have made this incredible toy. I live in Montgomery, Alabama of the United States, and have never seen one like it again.

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