Cinnamon Brown Squishy Rubber Muzzle 14" Teddy Bear

by Mark
(San Diego)

I have a Great Aunt's Teddy Bear I was wanting to know more about. He has a somewhat squishy rubber muzzle. I think glass eyes, and I'm not sure if mohair or not. He is approx 13-14" in height. You can tell he was loved quite a lot. I myself couldn't find any like this with the rubber muzzle. Not sure what era that may have been in. I doubt the ribbon around his neck is original. He does not crackle when you squish him. Any help with this lil guy would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you,

Hi Mark please see this page on my site. I believe your bear is the same if not a little more worn.

As you can see someone has commented and believes it to be a bear made by the company Ideal.

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