Color block childrens teddy, childhood bear from my late father

by Marina
(Virginia beach, Virginia )

Color block childrens teddy

Color block childrens teddy

Teddy's very old. As an infant, my dad gave him to me. He passed 8 years ago, and I just thought it would be cool to know where this was from, or how I can potentially get one to give to my future kid.


× he didnt used to be so matted

× he had a big ole hard plastic, covered in velvety material nose.

× his colors are very like a kids. Bright red, yellow, blue, and green.

× hes stuffed with a normal polyfill

× he was bought in Nov 1994

× closest I have found is a Las Vegas Circus Circus teddy bear.

× my mom swears he was bought that day from a kid or baby store.

Thanks in advance, and I hope I gave enough info!!

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