Cornish teddy bear can you help me identify him

by Heather

Cornish teddy bear

Cornish teddy bear

I bought this bear in Cornwall, UK, in an antiques shop. The owner said he was a family bear, and that he’d been in the family a long time, but she didn’t think he was anything special. She’d lived in Southern England all her life. I think he may be an early Steiff, though he has no button. He’s had a bit of repair over the years his paw pads have been re-covered, a long time ago, with leather from gloves, his ears have been moved, maybe a couple of times (probably pulled off by a child and replaced) showing his lovely original gold colouring underneath (he has mostly faded to a silvery gold). He may have had his nose and mouth and claws restitched at some point - not sure - but his boot button eyes look to be original. I don’t know any more about him, but I’ve posted a few photos. To me he just has that classic Steiff shape and proportions, but I’d be really interested and grateful to hear what you think. Thanks!

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