Could this teddy be valueable for a collector?

by Aniko
(Budapest, Hungary)

Old bear

Old bear

Originally I intended to use this bear as a pattern because I really plan to make a bear with a lovely hunch like he has.. Having examined him thoroughly I think he must be very very old and he might be valued by a teddy bear collector more than he could serve as a pattern for me. So please help me to decide!
This teddy is 21 inches tall, he was made of mohair of about half inch long which used to be a sort of gold colour at teddy's glory days. The body is stuffed with straw everywhere
He is jointed at the usual 5 places with cotter pins and cardboard discs as it is visible at the torn arm.
footpads were made of cardboard but they might have been covered with some other material but I'm not sure.. Paw pads were made of some silky textile. He has got nice long, muscly arms with slin wrists. Legs are also muscly at the thighs and slim at the ankles. Feet look a bit too small regarding them to the size of the body.. I wonder if he could stand on his own at his best days :-)
The body of teddy is nice rounded with that lovely hump at the back.
He has a long nose but rather low forehead.
Rather big glass eyes have a black middle with some reddish paint.
Poor guy is quite ragged at the moment. On top of that poor thig cannot complain because growler doesn't work ! :-(
I hope I mentioned every important about him, but the pics will tell you more.
Thank you so much for your help. I'm so thrilled if someone could say something.

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