Curious About A Bear!

by Trudy
(United Kingdom)

Very Old teddy Bear

Very Old teddy Bear

I have a rather gorgeous (well I think so!) bear that is puzzling me a lot...Help!!

-Overall height:43cm, sitting height:34cm, Leg length: 20cm, Foot pad: 13cm, Arm length: (inc curved paw) 29cm, Paw pad :9cm, Trunk length (excl head/limbs):22cm, Chest: 40cm. Snout length: 4cm approx. Metal button 5mm approx.

-Short wavy cinnamon or ginger biscuit coloured mohair.
-Triangular shaped head, which seems a little small in comparison to his body.
-A long bare snout with a vertically stitched nose.
-Black glass boot button eyes.
-Very long arms in comparison to the leg length.
-Long paw pads which are woollen felt with no signs of ever having had stitched claws
-Cotter pin joints x 5 and a little loose
-Pronounced hump at the back of his rectangular shaped body
-No evidence or a squeaker/growler (there may be a non functional one, but I can't feel it!)
-Filled with wood wool throughout.
-Small metal button in (his) left ear, totally blank flat with a slight depression in the middle. It doesn't go right through the entire ear (meaning both layers of mohair) just the 'inside' layer of fabric.
-There are no evidence of a of stitched label anywhere.
-Eyes/nose/mouth/pads all appear to be original
-A supposed 'expert' could only tell me that he thought that the bear was 'over' 80 years old and was in remarkably good condition,
and nothing else!

I love him dearly, and as I have NO intention of selling him, his value is irrelevant. I would just love to have an idea of maker and the age. Thank you in anticipation!!

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