Curious about my favorite bear.

by Jackie
(New York, USA)

Toy Brown Bear

Toy Brown Bear

I've had this teddy bear since i was born in 2001, and 19 years later, I'm more curious than ever to figure out what kind of bear he is. I (accurately) named him floppy bear, as he's not stiff or posed, he's just... a partially empty bean bag (the beans are in his bum and the bottoms of his feet, though, the rest of him is just very lightly stuffed.) He's yellowish in color, and the only real "detail" besides his eyes is the very loose sewing for his eyes and mouth. This bear is so dear to me. He's the only stuffed animal that's stuck with me through my whole childhood. I thought I lost him for a few years, and I literally never stopped thinking about it. When I was around 8 or 9 years old, we moved houses, and I thought I left him at the top of my old closet. I couldn't find him in any of the bags or boxes we packed. I was HEARTBROKEN. In the entire time that he was gone, ANY time that I had recieved a new stuffed animal as a gift, I just couldn't help but think... "man, none of these could ever amount to floppy bear". A whole 10 years later, when very unfavorable circumstances took place and my family had to move again, we started the process of gathering our things. We had some bags and boxes in the basement that were filled with books and decorations and things, typical stuff. It was my senior year in high school at this point. When I had come home on one of the days during the moving process,there was two large garbage bags sitting on the porch. My mom wasn't home at the time, so i texted her and asked what they were, and they were two full bags of stuffed animals that she wanted me to go through. To my absolute shock, right at the top of the first bag was none other than floppy bear. I genuinely don't think I've been happier about anything in my life. He's the only stuffed animal I brought with me to my new house. So... anyway, getting to the point. If there's anyone out there that could help me identify what kind of teddy bear he is, I'd be forever greatful.

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