Cute Orange Bear

by Anon

Teddy- front sitting view

Teddy- front sitting view

Hello! I've had this orange bear,named Teddy,ever since I was very little. Yet when I was about 4 or so, I didn't really like the idea of tags on my toys, so I cut his off. For a while now I've just been curious about his origins. I don't think he's from a regular toy store, as I've never even seen anything familiar to him. I also don't think he's an antique bear, as he's defiantly designed for cuddling, and he's in great condition!

His looks:
An orangey-almost yellow colour, with short thread-like fur, not fluff. A round nose the same material, just coloured a light brown. He has a big muzzle with black beady eyes roughly 6cm apart... he also has big semicircle ears and a short stubby tail. He doesn't have any other patches that are a different material, he's just the same thread-like stuff throughout. Also, when I look at the remains of the cut off tag (the end bit that you cant cut off) it isn't plastic, it looks more hand-made. if that helps a little?
I'm sorry that my description isn't very good, so I'll try attaching some pictures.

Though, I understand if you wish not to help, as you seem to only research antique bears for bear collectors, and in my case, I'm just curious!

But anyhow, thanks in advance! xoxo

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Apr 09, 2022
I learned tags are important too. Lol
by: Anonymous

I managed, maybe by pure luck, to find my teddy bear brand by Google reverse image search with Google lens.

And btw,

I was the same way when I was little because I disliked the tags and wanted my toys to be more 'real',so I cut the tag off my teddy bear long ago. My mom would always dry him in a dryer machine, only to recently find a second one of my teddy bear online and the tag said, in all caps, "AIR DRY ONLY". 😂😭 No wonder he fell apart. How

Jun 08, 2015
Tush Tags
by: Anonymous

How funny, I was always the same when I was little, first thing I did was to cut the untidy tag off the teddy's bottom. We now realise how very important these tush tags are.

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