Daddy Teddy

by Andy

Daddy Teddy Bear

Daddy Teddy Bear

This is‘Daddy Teddy’ and he has been my bear for the last 47 years. When I was two years old my mother was having another baby (my little brother) at home. So when she went into labour, she sent me to sleep over at my Nan’s house who lived nearby. My Nan gave me this bear to sleep with to keep me calm and I can still remember it lying next to me. When it came time to go home in the morning, I started crying because I wanted my new bear with me and so my Nan let me keep him.

Many years later when my I was having a fight with my brother in our bedroom, my little brother threw Daddy Teddy at me. I ducked out of the way but the teddies hard plastic nose hit our bedroom window and smashed it!

Daddy Teddy's Features
• Medium sized,
• Hard plastic nose
• Amber and black plastic eyes
• Sawdust filled with velvet-like paw pads
• Jointed
• Squeaker – not working
• Pointed toe & ‘turned in’ paws

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Jul 16, 2014
my bear
by: julie

I have a very similar bear named deano. My nan and granfer gave him to me as a baby so he has to be at least 53. He has been with me my entire life. Sadly no eyes just coat button's and very faded lipstick. His growler still works xxx

Feb 07, 2013
I wonder if this is a Chiltern bear
by: kate

Looking at this bear I wonder if it could be from the hugmee range made by the Chiltern company. I think ut is the scooped paws and the fact that the eyes are close to the muzzle. I could be wrong of course.

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