Dark Brown Bear

by Kathy Troxler
(Freeville NY)

Small brown bear seated

Small brown bear seated

Hi There!

Just this past weekend, I picked up this cute little bear at a thrift store in Auburn NY. I don't really consider myself a bear collector, but if I like one, I buy it!

This bear has no tag. He's articulated. His nose is plastic. His paw pads have stitched details. I am including a picture of the bottoms of the pads, but the fur is very dark (much darker and shorter than the fur on the body) and the black stitching might not show up well in the photos I'm not sure if his "fur" is synthetic or mohair, But it's extremely realistic and "hair like". By that, I mean that the individual "strands" tend to be variegated in color I did snip a bit and burned it and it seemed to me that it went more "ashy" versus a melted plastic look. He seems very well constructed

When he stands upright he is about 15 inches tall. However, he looks most comfortable sitting down and he sits just like a real bear cub would. When sitting, he measures closer to 11 inches. The bottoms of the back pads measure about 4 inches. The front pads measure about 3 inches. The fur on the muzzle, ears and paw pads is much shorter and darker than the rest of the body, but I can't tell if actually a different material or that (because it's shorter) it looks darker.

I like to acquire certain bears with "character" to redress as my "Vaquero Bears". Even though this bear doesn't really fit that profile, but I still couldn't resist bringing him home and I am very curious as to whether anyone can give me a clue as to how old it might be or where he might have been made?

Kathy Troxler

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