Dark Brown Teddy Bear

by Lindzi
(Kentucky )

Dark Brown teddy bear

Dark Brown teddy bear

I have had this since I was little probably got it when I was a baby not positive all I know is my mom got it for me I think. Im 20 now and Im just wondering how old the bear is (I didn’t give him a name all I know is it’s a boy that’s what gender I gave him and what I remember when playing with him when I was little). He Is stuffed with cotton I believe and little beads as well but they aren’t like styrofoam maybe plastic. I believe he made out of velvet I might be wrong I mean it doesn’t feel like velvet anymore probably washed it so much it lost it’s soft velvet feel to him. His eyes I believe are plastic buttons and his nose is plastic too he used to have glued on velvet materIal on his nose. He is a very soft teddy bear he isn’t stiff like most teddy bears are. He’s sort of like a bean bag cause u shake him around and the beads jostle. I’m not getting rid of him I just wanna know how old he is. He still has his tag it’s not readable anymore. He has a nice shape to him especially his head and limbs. The only bad part is his middle it a little understuffed. His bum is all beads I think there are separated areas of cotton and beads. Like the intentionally did that so he would have a bit of weight to him.

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