Deans Bear

by Victoria
(London U.K. )



The bears tag states it is from jenners by dean's. It seems the bears name is weaverly and it is a limited edition mohair bear number 65 of 200 made. It is of blondish colouring with moveable joints in mint condition with tags attached. I got it in the 90s and never played with it. I don't know how else I can make this submission 400 words which seems like a very extreme amount of words to speak about a stuffed bear. The bear had a classic look with beautiful rough fur and it's sat in a bag for more than 10 years. I'd really love to be able to sell it but I can't find any other bears the same online and deans bears seem to have various price ranges. I think you may need to reconsider your 400 word minimum maybe 400 characters if more suitable. Maybe that's what you meant when you put it im not sure. I hope I haven't wasted my time doing this it seeems like it's going to take forever to reach 400 and my baby is starting to get restless and her cartoons are finishing so she's going to start winging soon and annoying me and I'm going to get fed up and probably just let her put her pasta covered hands all over my mint condition bear. I cannot believe I'm only at 225 words now how am I ever going to keep blabbing on until I reach 400 I hope this has been entertaining enough for you to accept my request for you to help appraise my bear so I can sell it and put the money in my daughters saving account slowly building up for her college fund if she so chooses to go or maybe to take a trip with that money like all millennials seem to do but maybe she won't be called a millennial by then maybe they will have another name for children born in her era. She's getting really ratty now and restless and I'm

Home alone so there is no one to help keep her quite Also my thumbs are getting sore I've never had that happen before I don't think I will look at my phone again after this today so I hope you don't respond too quickly. Finally 385 worlds so I guess I'll wrap up now that I really appreciate your work. 401

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Aug 16, 2017
You may already know this...
by: Anonymous

All I can say is that Jenners is a large department store in Edinburgh and Waverley is the name of the main Edinburgh railway station. As I said, you may already know this..

Mar 15, 2017

by: Kate

i do appreciate your effort in writing 400 words and believe me it is not my choice but Googles. If I accept submissions that are short I will get penalised at the search engines, simple as that.

Also unfortunately i think you may have misundesrtood this submission. I cannot appraise your bear, I will simply upload this page and anyone else who owns a similair bear or has sold one may see it and respond.

If you are serious about selling you have to contact a auction house who specialise in selling toys. Teddy bears like anything else is only worth what it last sold for at auction, so only they would know.

I will warn you though only a very few bears are worth any serious money. Consition will also play a big part in what someone will sell it for.

My advice would be to look at ebay see if there have been any other Deans bears sold and sell yours with a reserve price.

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