Desperate to know about this teddy bear

by Olivia Wood


I feel very desperate to at least know the company or brand of my bear. It’s white and small, the limbs are short, and there’s a combo of stuffing and pellets. The pellets sit in the legs and butt on the bear, and the stuffing is everywhere else. The eyes, nose, and mouth are done with black stitching, and it appears very simple. There is a tag along the left leg of the bear. There is also a tail, which is rather flat. The bear is about 5 inches from the head to the butt, and the head seems to be about 3 ish inches wide. My bear is worn so it looks less white now, but I know it started out white. I’m not sure where or when it was bought too. I know this isn’t much information but I hope to get some help finding out about my bear.


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