Desperately trying to find the company who made my bear

by Clara Thomas
(United Kingdom)

2002 teddy bear

2002 teddy bear

My teddy bear was given to me in about 2002 to 2003, there are no labels but this may be as I cut them off and I cannot find a stub where the label was. He is a soft bear and he is the same beige golden all over, he approximately 30 cm long and 10 cm wide, he has two ears on the top of his head, he has two black eyes with brown on the outside, he has no nose and from old photos of him I can see he never seemed to have one. He has a bow tie that is only at the front of his neck and does not go fully around, it is mainly green with a red stripe and black lining between the colours, he has two arms which go down to his legs. He has a neck, he was quite fully when I first had him but over the years the fluff has fallen out, he was originally very stuffy but now it has all moved around so he is no longer as plump. His arms and legs are the same length and he has two of these. They have no patches on, alike his arms and ears. They have a slight curve like he is wearing shoes. But he is not wearing shoes or any clothes other than the bow tie. I believe he was originally in a sitting position however he is quite bendy so looks good in all positions. It was given to me in South Wales (uk) by my god mother I believe as a birthday present, she cannot remember when she got him from. He has a hard thing inside his nose but no physical nose. His stuffing is white and he has floppy / flappy ears. He has patches but these weren't there when he was first bought and they are just there from old age. There are no markings on him indicating where he was bought and I have checked all of him.

He is soft to squeeze and doesn't make any sound when squeezed and is not electrical at all. His bow tie has a checkered pattern with light black lines which make up the pattern. His eyes are the only hard bit of him and inside his nose (Which isn't a nose). There are no labels or signs of where he could be from.

Please help me find my bear so I can get him fixed or replaced.

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