Do you recognise Flump

by Lorna
(Leicestershire )

Flump the teddy bear

Flump the teddy bear

Flump is a very sweet little guy and I would love to know more about him. His eyes are blue glass I think ( cold to touch). His pads are a pale blue fabric, tiny holes in them due to age. Possibly felt? Stitched nose and mouth. All moveable limbs. I’m not sure what his fur is made from, don’t think it’s mohair. It’s scruffy but he still has a lot of it. It’s a faded white and feels just slightly coarse to touch. He has lovely folded ears. No idea what he is stuffed with. Certainly not straw, he isn’t that heavy... though heavier than a modern bear. I was told he might be Chad Valley, this is probably due to his facial characteristics. But I read that they usually had orange eyes?

From my total amateurish look into the world of old bears I would guess he is somewhere between 1930 to 1950, but guess he could be newer. I’ve looked at quite a lot of bear pics online and can’t see one that looks like him ( he really is handsome!)

I’m not sure how to fill 400 words about him as I don’t know much about him at all really! I’ve only got a couple of inherited old bears, but I couldn’t resist Flump as he is so sweet!

If you can give me any suggestions as to age / make/ origin that would be great. Or you can just admire his cuteness!

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