Does This Bear Come From Austria?

by Caroline

Austrian teddy bear?

Austrian teddy bear?

This bear was given to me as a child (30 years ago), by a family friend who came from Austria. I have no idea about where or when this bear was bought, but I’d love to know more about him!
He crackles when I touch him, so I assume he is stuffed with wood wool, but not sure? He has light pink/peach felt pads on all paws, but no signs of any claws. He is fully jointed and has a small hump at the top of his back. He has 4 seams on his body - one at the centre of the back, one at the centre of the front, and 2 side seams. His nose is black and stitched vertically. His eyes are cold to touch so possibly glass, with black pupils and a sort of orange/green colour behind. He also makes a noise when tipped forwards and backwards, it doesn’t sound like a growl but perhaps was at some point. I can’t find any labels or identifying tags on him and he is quite bald on some parts on his body.

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