Early 1980's childhood teddy bear, no tags.

by Nichole Barone

Early 1980's childhood teddy bear

Early 1980's childhood teddy bear

I have had this teddy bear for as long as I remember. I was born in 1994, but some of my stuffed animals are from the late 70's to mid 80's He is old and well loved, but unfortunately he has no tags whatsoever. His eyes and nose are plastic. His mouth is made our of thick stitched thread. He has 2 seams on the top of his head, one on the back of the head and one all the way down the middle of his back. He is an odd shape - not typical teddy bear shaped. His limbs don't move and he is not flat, if that makes any sense. He is always in a sitting position. My twin had had the same bear as well, but lighter in color and one of his plastic brown eyes turned an opaque blue when she left it in a hot car - kind of ironic since my twin is blind and had a cataract in one eye - just like her teddy bear!

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