Early 2000s Blue Rabbit Teddy

by Marceline
(Devon, Uk)



I got this Teddy when I was born so I assume it’s from around 2004/2005. When I was younger, I was stupid and ripped off the label so there’s no way to identify it through that. I also tore out a lot of it’s stuffing in my earlier years so its likely that he was originally a lot larger. Same with the hair, he has been around for a long time so it’s very likely his fur used to be a lot softer and maybe a brighter colour.

A description : He is a pale blue colour with white spots on his feet and ears. His stitching is a darker blue and his eyes and nose are stitches, no hard plastic. His ears are shorter than most other bunny plushies and he has a stumpy tail on his back. His tag used to be found underneath his tail but was ripped out when I was younger.

It would mean a lot if I could know what he used to look like. He’s been by my side since before I was born so being able to view him like he was new would be a nice blast from the past. I completely understand why this might be slighty harder to identify than others, but any help is welcome !

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