Early 40's teddy bear.

by Mark Fanner
(Cape Town, South Africa)

Early 40's teddy bear.

Early 40's teddy bear.

This bear was given to my father in around 1942 or 1943. He lived in Cape Town, South Africa at the time. He can't remember if it was new at the time, possibly not due to the war?

It's mohair and crackles when squeezed, so wood wool filling?

The eyes are glass.

Limbs are able to move 360 degrees. Head swivels 360 degrees. The head is mounted onto wood and there is a small hump at the back of the neck. The arm and foot pads look to be felt (not sure about that though).

Dark brown threads were stiched onto the tops of the hands and feet.

That's about a hundred words and I can't possibly find enough to say about the bear to fill another 300 words, so I'm hoping the 400 words is a typo and meant to be 400 characters!

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