Embroidered Germanic Musical Wind Up Bear Wearing Lederhosen

by Gina Bryant
(Calabasas, CA)

teddy bear

teddy bear

I got this bear from an old neighbor of my mom's who moved away in the late 1980's. She was moving into a home and was getting rid of her collections. He has no tags or labels anywhere. His hands have areas with no fur- just a suede-like fabric and they are embroidered with two red (flowers or stars?) on each hand. The star -like flowers have eight petals with a little pearl in the middle of each and there are two green V designs between each red flower (see the photos). His feet have the same two star-like flowers with pearls and his feet are flat at the bottom where the embroidery is on the suede-like fabric (see photos). His nose is made of light brown stitches and his eyes are china blue and made of a glass-like (feels cold) material with black pupils. His mouth is also made of the same light brown stitches that make up his nose. He almost looks like a mouse because his large ears are to the side of his head rather than on top of it. He is wearing a beautiful velvet red bow tie held around his neck by a thin white elastic type band. His shorts are also the same red velvet material and they are held up with dark blue lederhosen that are embroidered with white, red, and blue flowers. I looked up the white flowers and they are edelweiss, so I am guessing he is German. I don't know what the red or blue flowers are supposed to be. The red flowers are in groups of two and three and have yellow dots in their middles. The blue flowers have a single gold dot in the middle. His shorts have two white heart buttons in the front. He has what appears to be a belly-button made of a red fluffy- like material. In the back he has a gold wind up but he no longer plays music. He measures 13" tall and is fully jointed. At the widest part, where his hands flair out he is a little over 7 inches wide. I think he is made of mohair because I was able to snip a fuzzy area and it left a round ball that I could crush easily to ash and it smelled of animal hair. He is stuffed with something on the hard side -firm is maybe a better way to describe it. I looked up how to tell if the bear is a Hermann bear but mine has none of the tags they describe.

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