Factory Defect in Boyd’s collectible bears

by Gloria

Lovely Ivanka Spendalot

Lovely Ivanka Spendalot

I purchased a Boyd’s Bear named Ivana Spendalot at a gift shop several years ago. She was brand new. This Bear is dressed to the hilt with a “mink” hat and she holds a giant Gift box all wrapped in a gold foil with a gold tie. She has a velvet tote on her arm that says Born to Shop ; however the letters on my bears tote were printed upside down. I understand this is a factory error that was not caught so that makes her VERY different from others of her kind. I would think this should increase her value. Does anyone know how this item should be appraised? This Bear has very soft fur and is in a sitting position and measures about 7 inches from her hat to her bottom. She is not jointed. She is part of the T.J ‘s best dressed Collection and has her tags. She has been carefully stored and is smoke and odor free. Thanks for any information. Bear May have been inspired by Ivanka Trump, but I don’t know if that was the intended profile

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