Farmsen the German Bear

by Nicky
(Essex, England)



Hi, my sister and I came across Farmsen in the town of Farmsen-Berne in the city of Hamburg in 1985. We were out walking near the station, when a beggar woman tried to sell him to us. At first we ignored her but then I felt sorry for him and couldn’t leave him there so we ended up paying 8 Marks for him. Our German friends thought we were bonkers as he was old and very grubby! Needless to say we bought him back to England and he still lives with me. He is 17 inches long and covered in blue, matted fur. His paws and ears are pink. He is stuffed with straw, has jointed arms and legs. It looks like his head has been stitched back on at some point in the distant past. He looks sad 😔. I would really love to find out more about him if anyone can help? Many thanks. Nicky

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