Fathers childhood bear

by Tracy Powell
(Goose Creek south Carolina )

Fathers Teddy Bear

Fathers Teddy Bear

I have one of my fathers childhood bears that I'm trying to identify, my father was born in 1931 and raised in London from an early age. The bear is quite large 26inches tall with movable arms, legs and head. It has a working growler. Eyes appear to be glass attached with large pins. The bear is on the heavy side and crackly when you squeeze him. Not sure if hes mohair, but probably is. His torso is 11 inches tall and arms and legs appear to be about 10 inches. There are orange colored felt pads on his feet and inside his arms with claw stitching on both. Pads on his arms are about 4 inches in length. He has been well loved and their are quite a few worn spots on him, but no holes or stuffing coming out. He has been dressed in a childs 2T suit for quite some time, navy pants, plaid jacket and black boots and my father called him doctor Bob because he put a stethoscope on him. My father dressed and named all his bears which were many. I have a few others of his that I have been able to identify so this is the biggest and last on my list. Any help would be greatly appreciated

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