Floppy - Teddy Bear

by Diane
(Salisbury )

Floppy was given to me at birth in 1963 new. I presume he is a 1960's teddy. He is approx. 9" in height. Non jointed with square straight finish to paws. I always presumed he was like a puppy but he is erect and not on all fours. He has long black ears which hang at the side of his face approx 4" long. Blue eyes made from plastic 1 cm in diametre inserts with pupils. His nose is like a snout which sits back but you can pull it forward and his nose is black stitching. He once had a sickly looking little tongue protruding from a small hole just under his nose. He was well stuffed once. His arms and legs are still quite firm and hard and the arms are sewn to extend up at 45 degrees about 2" long. An intriguing design point is that he has a bottom with bottom cheeks that can be pulled apart. There was never a tail. In colour he is a golden straw with short fur. His face has a almost triangle price being longest at the top of his head then coming down at an inward slanth with encompasses his nose and snout. His eyes are plugged in on the seam.

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