Found old teddy bear wondering what kind it is.

by Tierre Coleman
(Covington, ky United States)

bear has swiveling head

bear has swiveling head

This teddy bear has swiveling head, arms and legs has glass black and brown eyes, stitched body, nose ears, felt like paws but unsure cinnamon like color,missing a lot of his hair as in very old, feels like a round cardboard piece in his back, no tags at all,metal round pieces in his armpits and leg pits, black stitched nose,mouth, stitched line underneath mouth to neck and stitched lines from nose up past eyes to ears, stitched lines on front of body and back of body, stitched back head and seems to be a main stitched line either starting point or stopping point, ears stitched has felt like body with mohair.

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