Found Older Teddy At Thrift Shop!

by Les
(South Carolina )

teddy tag

teddy tag

teddy tag
Thrift shop bear

Found this cutie at my local thrift shop. I originally pick him up for my niece who is 4 so I d really pay much attention to him at first. I brought him home and was going to remove the little bell around his neck and realized it had writing on it. I was hoping someone could help me out as he may be more expensive and worth something so if so I wo rather not have my niece tear him up! the tag on his back says zucker bear and the little bell has "zucker B" first edition #13 or of 24 and is signed barbara sixby with the date 3-20-85 on it. It lappears hand written and not a stamp or inscribed. He has something hard inside of him that when you turn him up rock him back and fourth he makes some kind of sound almost like a little moo. He looks to be in great condition so would this be something collectable I so hold on to and get my niece something else? I appreciate your time in reading this and I hope I ha included enough details to give you an idea of what he is! Thanks everyone.

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Oct 21, 2016
Zucker Bear Possible Info
by: Theresa

I can't help you with appraising your bear's value. But the website has a lovely article on Barbara Sixby and her Zucker Bears, taken from the Jan./Feb. 2000 issue of Teddy Bear And Friends. I hope this is helpful.

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