Four Gund Teddy Bears and a Vintage bear with no markings

by Mark Solow
(Highland Village, TX, United States)

Solow Teddy Bears

Solow Teddy Bears

My 88 year old mother left me 4 Teddy Bears with Gund tags. Of course I'm wondering what their values are and where I might sell them.

First has an actual model number on the tag: Hot Chocolate 43468 (there is another number on a separate tag: 08Q67. It is 10" tall and has a plaid scarf and small antlers.

Second is also 10" tall and is wearing a red jersey that says "Team Wuzzy" on the front and "Wuzzy 10" on the back.

Third is 12" tall and is wearing a red sweater with a patch that says "Marshmellow's New Friend".

Fourth is only 5" tall and has a gingham red and white bow around his neck.

They are all in excellent condition.

Fifth is around 85 years old, red, and about 12" tall with the movable legs in the straight position. The arms are movable too. It has what appears to be small moth holes in the back.
No tags.

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