French Teddy Bear Help needed to identify him.

by Rob

French Teddy Bear

French Teddy Bear

Hi all.

Here is my bear that I just bought in France. Coming from France may suggest that it isn't German. He is filled with wood shavings & has glass eyes. He is hand stitched with a central seam. The nose is made from a piece of woven material & then stitched to the snout. Pink felt pads with thread claws stitched on. He does have very chunky legs & to me looks quite distinctive. I think that his fur is mohair. he measures about 15" tall. The lady I got him from thought 1950's, another lady said when I was walking around(it is amazing how many people chat to you whilst carrying a bear!)thought it earlier & 1940's. I have no idea! Any help gratefully received. Many thanks

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