Girlfriend's Childhood Bear

by Jonathan Palumbo
(Citrus County, Florida)

Girlfriend's Childhood Bear

Girlfriend's Childhood Bear

My girlfriend has had this bear since she was a child. Guessing the age would roughly be around late 90's to early 2000's. We are looking for a similar bear if not a match. Any help is desired. More rough details below. I apologize for being unable to give more.

Brown eyes with black center, black stone like nose, red open mouth, had a voice box at one point. Round, flat, floppy ears, approximate 1 1/2 feet long head to toe. Bear is currently in bad condition, fur has come off over the years of use and washing. Neck, arms, and legs have been restitched due to coming loose.

I believe the arms and legs are floppy as well.

Again, I thank you for any assistance.

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