Girl’s Best Friend- Seeking to identify to find a duplicate

by Sarah Elizabeth
(Westfield, Indiana)

Best ‘good’ condition photo

Best ‘good’ condition photo

Hi, I’m seeking to identify this bear, my daughter’s beloved Papa Bear, to purchase a duplicate. He’s very well loved and due to a robbery when she was 4 where they left the window open and ruined my photos, I don’t have many photos of him in ‘good’ shape. He was received Christmas of 2006 and I remember he had a soft, longer (maybe 1”) silky ‘care’ tag on his butt and a hang tag in his ear. I believe he’s a Gund, but cannot find another. There are pellets in his tush and in his feet. He has somewhat scruffy fur, cream in color and he used to be super silky soft. He came with a brown mesh bow. He has a different fabric on his hands and feet and had stitched toes, 3 stitches on each foot/hand. He has black plastic eyes and a brown stitched nose & mouth. His tail is a vertical half moon. Any suggestions on good places for more research or guidance on finding where he came from are very welcome.

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