Golden Bear with Black Skin

by Olivia
(Berlin Germany)

Mohair Bear

Mohair Bear

Hi, I rescued this little bear from the flea market. He is made of very soft golden mohair. All his joints move including his head. The unusual thing about him is that his golden hair sprouts out of a very dark brown under material. Not on his head, but on his body, arms and legs. The material on his paws is very soft, like a velvet, it certainly feels like it may be synthetic which is why I don't think he is very old. I assume his label was carefully cut out as I don’t see any label. He has black glass eyes and a sawn nose and mouth. There is not much more to say about him really. He seems quite happy here with his new family, He now has over 60 cousins which is quite a lot to get to know. He doesn’t yet have a name so I’m open to suggestions. I have quite a few other bears I would love some more information about, but it is rather difficult to write over 300 words on a bear. This bear is now living in Berlin Germany, the mascot of Berlin is actually a bear, so he probably feels quite at home here. If I could attach more than 4 photos I would love to introduce you to some other members of my family. I also have a few bears living in my childhood home in London, my 90 year old dad is looking after them. His fur is quite long and is distressed. He has a lovely smile and his ear are quite long. Probably quite a good listener. He would love to know a little bit about his lineage. I have included 4 photos, 1 that shows you how big he is, one that shows you him from behind where you can see the black material, one that shows you his paw and face in close up and one that shows you how lovely he is. Anything you can tell me I’d be grateful to hear. Thank you very much.

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