Golden Yellow Mohair Bear

by Frankie Murphy

I found this fellow in a charity shop who told me his name was Thomas. I being a big soft lump had to buy him as one of my waifs and strays.

I would say the muzzle is short (see attached pictures)

It was a stitched nose with a straight mouth, which seems unusual. I have re-stitched it from the stitch marks and clean bright fur under what was there.

The eyes are of a golden brown plastic in straight wires.

The arms and legs are soft stuffed with cotton waste

The body and head stuffed with wood wool.

5 Joints are hard mill board with cotter pins.

He has a growler which has a piece of news paper on it which appears to be in the English language.

Having burnt a piece of his fur it burns to ash. It is very soft.

He is 24 inches tall and has a slight hump

As you can see from the two photographs he has been dismantled and cleaned. I have put him back together with all the original materials. I just want to know what make he is if possible.

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