Grandma's Bear "Rupert" - unknown brand Pre-World War I bear, probably 1900-1915?

by Dick Thompson
(Cambridge UK)

Rupert the bear wants to find a home

Rupert the bear wants to find a home

This was my Grandma's bear, passed down to my mum then to me.

I do not know maker, if this could be identified by anyone that would be great!

Also, what to do with a bear like this? Im not sure I want to keep him even though he is lovely. I think he may find a happier home as he will only be in storage in our house.

Grandma was born in 1907, and I think the bear is from somewhere around that time.

I am thinking he is pre-world war I due to Grandma's D.O.B and the following features:

- I think it is Mohair fur rather than artificial silk plush
- His pads are felt i think
- He is stuffed with woodwool and crackles when squeezed (tummy, not limbs and head i don't think though)
- Long limbs, which indicates age also?
- Eyes are wooden with some over-covering for the irises, unsure what this is.
- Nose is felt and has come off a bit! :(
- Head and limb joints are swivelling with metal discs which can be felt inside.

Any advice / information please let me know!

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