Grandmas Teddy Bear

by Sven

Teddy Bear face

Teddy Bear face

I've received a suitcase of teddybears from my late grandmother and besides Steiff and Heunec I have 3 teddys (and a rabbit) which are without any labels. My grandmother was born in the 1910s in eastern Poland and lived in north of Bavaria most of her life. I assume the teddys are from her growing up as it weren't my mums'. This teddy is about 33cm tall (600g), the condition is actually pretty good, so I'm not sure how old it is. I'm wondering if it could be a Schuco teddy - nose is vertically stitched, half round ears, mouth open. But there is no tongue and if I google for teddy without tongue I'm getting Hermann Zotty. Besides that, the teddy has no tail. Arms, legs and head can swivel and there are "claws" seams visible connecting the arm/foot pads and fur. Not really a lot of information but maybe sufficient for a trained eye. Thanks for helping.

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