Grandmas Teddy Bear

by Shondra Richardet

old white teddy bear

old white teddy bear

Grandma passed and we have her teddy bear but we have no info on it. It is a girl bear in a light blue velvet dress trimmed in white feathers. She has matching bloomers on under her dress made of blue silk with lace on the bottom of the legs.On the left of the dress is a flower broch that looks like pearl. She has a hat to match with beads and pearls on it. She also has a hand bag with a pearl strap and two white roses. There is a tag but it is hand written in ink first name is Loretta I can not make out the last name. On the back it says Natalie. There is also a sticker on the bottom of the stand and it looks like the sticker with the original price of $131.00. The bears legs and arms are jointed. Any information would be helpful as we have not been able to find anything out about it.s

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