Great Britain Panda pre-1948

by Gloria Brown
(Victoria, BC, Canada)

English Panda

English Panda

I was born in Rochdale, Lancashire, England in 1948. When I was born my aunt got this panda for me at an auction, I was told, but we have no idea how much she paid for it and I don't know how old it was when she got it for me but my parents did tell me that it was not brand new. It is leather underneath the fuzzy material the arms and legs as I can see that well where some of the fuzziness has worn off the end of its right foot and a little off its left paw and leg. There are two very small worn off spots on the creamy colour on the back. It shows that the body is not leather but appears to be a cream coloured canvas material. I'm not sure if the eyes are glass or plastic. The nose is also leather which has a little wear plus the cream fuzzy material is worn off in a spot right above the nose. Panda is approximately 13" tall and 8.5" across. There are no labels on the panda. The only damage I see is, as said above, where the material has worn off the leather on one foot and one paw. One ear is requiring to be sewn tighter to the head but is still held by some of the threads. The rest of the panda is still in good condition except for not being as light a cream colour as it was in 1948. I brought it with me to Canada on a ship from England in 1957 and have kept it wrapped up and in a zippered bag for the past 55 years or more. I am really hoping to find out something about this Panda and hopefully selling it to an interested collector.

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